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  • 1200 oC to 1400 oC Temperature Oil Furnace 2.0 MT. Capacity is used to fire all our Ceramic Materials and Special Refractory Materials.
  • 30MT. Capacity Down Draft Kiln is used for firing of IS-6 & IS-8.
  • 24" Double Disc Disintegrator, Elevator and Vibrator Screens are used for Mineral Crusing and Vibrating.
  • 10' Lenght U' Mixer is used to make compositions of Ceramics and Refractory Bodies (Mixer Section).
  • 400 MT. Capacity Hydraulic Press is used for High Strength Bricks like 70% Alumina, Silliminate Bricks and Nozzles and HT Insulators.
  • Hand Operated Toggale Presses are used for pressing the small type of ceramic Beed, Insulators, Balls, Small Bricks, Strainer Cores etc.,
  • 50 MT. Capacity Sleeves Press is used for making Sleeves, Funnels, Nozzles, Tubes etc.,
  • Mini plug mill is used for making Ceramic and Refractory Tubes.
  • 1 MT. Capacity Ball Mill is used to make Ceramic Grinding and Composition.