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Motors and Cements

Composition of FireClay:
Quality Composition(%) Fusion Temp.(oC) Remarks
Iccs MH Bond 30±2 (min) Al2O3, 2.0(max) Fe2O3 1659 Air setting.Used for laying fireclay refractories.
Iccs HH Bond 38±2 (min) Al2O3, 2.0(max) Fe2O3 1683 -do-
Valset 40 38-40 Al2O3 NA Air setting.Used for laying fire bricks with gas tight joints in recuperator tubes etc.
Belset FK-40 38-40 Al2O3, 2-2.5 Fe2O3 1730-1760 Air setting. Used for joining recuperator tubes and where high strength at low temperatures is required.
Kufas 30 (min) Al2O3 1400* Air setting cement.
Iccs ASC(series) 35 to 85 Al2O3 1400-1750* A series of air setting cements for laying fireclay and high alumina refractories.
Iccs Acid Proof Cement 90 (min) SiO2 -- Air setting acid proof cement for low temperatures.
Broset AR 90 (min) SiO2 -- Air setting special abrasion resistant silica mortar for use at low tempeartures.
Bronex 80-85 SiO2 -- Air setting silica mortar for repair of coke oven silica walls and other silica brick work where gas tight joints are of importance.
Iccs-MG 85 (min) MgO -- Air setting magnesite mortar.
Ziron Bond 62/63 ZrO2, 32/34 SiO2 1850 Air setting. Used for laying Zircon refractories.
Expobond-35 35±2 (min) Al2O3, 1.5(max) Fe2O3 1655 Chemically setting expanding type mortar.Used for lining ladles and stopper rod sleeves.
Expobond-55 55±2 (min) Al2O3, 2.0 (max) Fe2O3 1785 Chemically setting expanding type mortar.Used for lining ladles and stopper rod sleeves.
Iccs Ladle 35-40 Al2O3 NA Chemically setting. Used for hot and cold repair of ladles by spraying.
Heat Set(Series) 30 to 90±2 Al2O3, 2 to 2.5 Fe2O3 1655-1850 A series of ceramic setting mortars. Used for laying fireclay/superduty/high alumina refractories.
Iccs set 55 55 (min) Al2O3 NA Chemical -ceramic setting. Used as patching mass for high alumina refractories.
M (series) 42-85 Al2O3, 2.0-2.5 Fe2O3 1730-1780 A series of ceramic setting binders used for laying alumina refractories containing 45 to 90% Al
Iccs Sillimanite 45 (min) Al2O3, 1.5 (max) Fe2O3 1743 Ceramic setting.
Iccs Birolite 50(min) Al2O3, 4.0 (max) Fe2O3 1717 Ceramic setting.
Iccs 65/80/90 65/77/90 (min) Al2O3, 5/1 (max) Fe2O2* 1785-1850 Ceramic setting series of high alumina mortars used for high alumina refractory laying.
Iccs Silica 90 (min) SiO2 1655 Ceramic setting.Used for laying acidic refractories.
Broset 90 (min) SiO2 -- Ceramic setting low temperature sintering silica mortar for special applications.
Iccs Zircon 55 (min) ZrO2 -- Ceramic setting. Used for laying zircon refractories.
Calundum 46.9 Al2O3,4.4 SiO2, 6.6 Fe2O3,35.7 Cao, 4.0 TiO2 1350-1380 Calcium-aluminate binder.
CAL-AL-85 78 Al2O3,0.5 SiO2, 0.3 Fe2O3,18.5 Cao 1750-1770 --
Mortar MAG-1 84 MgO -- General purpose magnesite mortar.
Mortar Mag-Chrome 45 MgO,20 Cr2O3 -- General purpose magnesite-chrome mortar.
Mortar Chrome-Mag 25 MgO,36 Cr2O3 -- General purpose chrome-magnesite mortar.
Mortar Chrome 12 MgO,46 Cr2O3 -- General purpose chrome mortar.

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