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ICCS - Refractory Ramming Mass

Composition of Refractory Ramming Mass:
Mass Quality Composition(%) Temperature(0c) Remarks
Fusion Service(Max)
Z.L.T. Ram 40 (min) Al2O3
1.5 (max) Fe2O3
1683 1400 Chemically setting fireclay ramming mass. Used for lead,zinc and tin melting furnaces.
Iccs iset-50 50 (min) Al2O3 1763 1600 Chemically setting alumina ramming mass.Also used as a refractory mortar.
Iccs (50-70 Series) 50 - 70 Al2O3, 2.5 - 3 Fe2O3 1763 - 1804 1550 - 1650 Chemically setting series of high alumina ramming masses.
Alcor(80/90) 80/88 Al2O3,
3.5 Fe2O3
1804/1820 1600 - 1700 Chemically setting high alumina masses which develops strong bonds on drying and heating to 2500c.Used for aluminium and other nonferrous melting furnaces.They have high corrosion resistance to aluminium alloys.
Mullite - Ram 70 (min) Al2O3
0.5 Fe2O3
1835 1750 Chemically setting mullite ramming mass having high strength and volume stability at higher temperatures.
Chemset(Series) 70 - 90 Al2O3
0.5 - 1 Fe2O3
1804 and above 1650 - 1750 Chemically setting high alumina ramming masses.
Iccs - Still 58 - 60 Al2O3
over 1730 1600 Chemically setting ramming mass used in high temperature glass tank and other furnaces where high abrasion resistance, refractoriness and volume stability are required.
Kupatch 34 (min) Al2O3
2.0 (max)Fe2O3
1683 1400 Ceramic setting fireclay ramming mass.
Iccs ram(Series) 30 - 80 Al2O3 1500 - 1750 1000 - 1700 Air/chemically/ceramic setting series of ramming masses used where high strength at moderate to high temperature is involved. Suitable for monolithic lining and general patch work.
Iccs coat 30 - 35 Al2O3
2.5 - 3 Fe2O3
1680 - 1700 -- Ceramic setting fireclay graphite base sealing mass.
Iccs wan 95 (min) SiO2 1683 1650 Ceramic setting highly refractory ramming mass with sufficient workability. Used for induction furnace monolithic linings
Cupolmix 92 (min) SiO2 1655 1600 Pure quartzite grains embedded in a suitable bond clay.Ceramic setting. Suitable for cupolas and locations where good resistance to molten iron is required.
ARM - 1 98 (min) SiO2,
0.5 (max) Fe2O3
1683 1650 Ceramic setting silica ramming mass.
Semi-Silica 70 (min) SiO2,
1.5 (max) Fe2O3
1605 1600 Ceramic setting.
Iccs mag(I/II) 85/84 MgO -- 1750/1700 Chemical/Air setting magnesite ramming masses used for the construction and repair of basic steel and other furnaces,and for tap hole installation.
Magchrome - I 40 (min) MgO
32 (min) Cr2O2
-- 1700 Chemically setting magchrome ramming mass used for construction and repair of basic steel and other metallurgical furnaces.
Iccs magfet / mag-Ram 85(min) MgO
5.5 (max) Fe2O3
-- 1750 Used for fettling/bottom making in electric arc and basic open hearth furnaces.
Iccs Orichrome - A (III/II) 16/17 MgO, 32/33 Cr2O3
15/19 Fe2O3, 25/20 Al2O3
-- 1500 Air setting chrome base ramming masses having good strength at moderate to high temperatures and are resistant to slag attack.
Iccs chrome - I 40 (min) Cr2O3 -- 1400 Ceramic setting chrome base ramming mass used in high pressure boilers and between acid and basic refractories.
Chrome 40 (min) Cr2O3 1743 1500 Air setting neutral ramming mass.
Ziron - Ram 60 - 64 ZrO2 1820 1700 Air setting zircon ramming mass used in foundaries,steel and glass industries and for special applications.
ZIR - RAM (ZS/ZA) 60/52(min) ZrO2 -- 1700/1500 Chemically setting zircon ramming masses.
Iccs spray - ZS 58 (min) ZrO2 -- -- Chemically setting zircon spray compound for hot repairs of silica walls of glass tank and other zircon lined furnaces.

Ramming Mass, also known as Refractory Ramming is an amorphous refractory induction furnace lining material composed of aggregates of high alumina, magnesia, clay, dolomite, zirconium, or silicon carbide-based on the different environmental conditions. We ICCS Refractories, the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Refractory Ramming Mass from India offer a wide range of ramming mass at reasonable prices. This product is a widely demanded lining induction furnace, which is a vital part of lining performance. We are trusted amongst other companies to provide these refractory products to customers as per the furnace capacity and user needs. Our Ramming Mass Refractory is manufactured using the ramming method during construction from refractory aggregates. The offered Ramming Refractory are manufactured under the strict supervision of a qualified and experienced workforce. Proper check is ensured to assure proper composition of granules according to furnace capacity. The granulation of the mix is optimized, thus giving maximum and the best results. Meanwhile, the packaging is selected keeping in mind the specific needs of the user as well as the material. We provide this high-quality ramming mass at industry-leading prices to clients.

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