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Bed Materials * Refractory Grog Granules :

Refractories are the most opt and essential materials with high strength and no-fusion used in High Temperature Boilers and furnaces in the steel industry Paper Mills,Paints,Medical Pharma,Tyre and Oil Mills .The refractory bed materials and mortar will attain more quality by its constitute composition they are classified as

Type of Refractories Al2O3Content Fe2O3Content Temperature in Celsius
Medium Heat Duty 30 - 32% 2 - 2.5 1650 0c
High Heat Duty 38 - 40% 2 - 2.5 1710 0c
Super Heat Duty 42 - 44% 1 - 1.5 1750 0c
High Alumina 50 - 80% 1.80 1800 0c
  • Bed materials(Grogs Granules -8 +30 Mesh Size).
  • In different sizes of granules and powder can be produce by using different measures.
  • I.S. -6 Refractory mortar.
  • I.S. -8 Refractory mortar.
  • Silica Ramming mass.

  • Bed Material maximum particle size from Sieve No.4 upto Sieve No.30.
  • Particle density - 2500 kg/M3
  • Bulk Density - 1000 to 1250 kg/M3
  • Alumina Al2O3 32% to 60%
  • Silica SiO2- 38% to 68%
  • Fusion Temperature - upto 1780oc.

ICCS Refractories is one of the acknowledged Refractory Bed Material Manufacturers in India. Refractory bed material is often made from a wide range of natural and synthetic ingredients with combinations of compounds and minerals like fireclays, alumina, chromite, bauxite, silicon carbide, dolomite, zirconia, and much more. Refractory Boiler Bed Material that we deliver to the clients is of the best quality because the raw materials used in the products are of superior class. These materials have strong physical and chemical properties that make them bear extremely high temperatures and remain stable for long hours. Due to the standard that this refractory product holds, refractory bed materials are much in demand and therefore, these products are highly valued by the clients. We also ensure that our Refractory Materials reach the right place within the expected delivery date. Being one of the top refractory bed material and mortar manufacturers in India, we offer the best quality refractory products at the best prices.

All our products can be availed at the most reasonable prices. The entire team at ICCS Refractories is committed to providing the best refractory bed material in India. We use the latest technology and quality raw materials to offer highly- durable products. Whatever your particular needs are, you can feel free to discuss your requirements with us so that we can provide you with the best refractory boiler bed material solutions. We offer the right products at the best competitive price, and that made us be one of the trusted refractory bed material exporters.